High Temperature Alloys We Recycle

Ivan Metan specializes in the processing and recycling of high-temperature alloys such as Inconel, Hastelloy, stellites, and other nickel/cobalt alloys. We procure materials from industrial clients and scrap recyclers, processing them to meet the specifications of specialty buyers and foundries. Our scrap metal recycling operations in Los Angels County Riverside County Ventura Etc serve a wide range of industries, including oil/gas job shops, petrochemical plants, power generation, and aerospace. These industries rely on alloys capable of withstanding high-stress conditions, including extreme temperatures and corrosive environments. Alloys containing multiple elements are evaluated based on their Nickel or Cobalt content. Each metal received is meticulously graded using our XLF Niton analyzer.

Our suppliers trust us more than any other alloy recycler.
Namely, our Sure Step Process and on-site grading.

Nickel Scrap

We procure nickel and nickel alloy scrap for recycling, including bar, blades, clip grindings, pipe, plate, power swarf, and more.

Titanium Scrap

We acquire titanium scrap solids and cuttings, processing and recycling various forms and grades of titanium

Tungsten Scrap

We're among the world's largest processors of tungsten carbide, handling millions of pounds annually. Contact us today for pricing!

Cobalt Scrap

We buy both hard and soft cobalt scrap, offering comprehensive processing and recycling services for various cobalt alloys.

Molybdenum Scrap

We purchase molybdenum scrap. Many high-strength steel alloys contain 0.25% to 8% molybdenum. Contact us today for pricing on your scrap moly.

Inconel Scrap

We buy Inconel scrap in various forms including solids, turnings/borings, sawing waste, and both wet and dry grindings. Recycling Inconel 625 and Inconel 718.

Hastelloy C Scrap

We acquire Hastelloy C276 and Hastelloy X scrap for recycling. Our purchases include Hastelloy scrap in solids, turnings/borings, sawing waste, and both wet and dry grindings.

Spray Powders

We procure smaller quantities of high-temperature alloys, including overspray powders for processors and mills: Tungsten Powders, Sludge, Nickel Powders, Cobalt Powders, Stellite Powders.

Tantalum Scrap

We procure Tantalum scrap for recycling and consolidation into large orders for processors and mills. Bring your Tantalum scrap to Ivan metals.

Haynes Scrap

We acquire the Haynes® family of heat-resistant alloys for recycling and processing. Visit our site for a full list of all Haynes® recyclables.

Monel Scrap

We acquire Monel scrap and consolidate them into larger orders for processors and mills. Explore the Monel alloys we purchase, used in Oil, Chemical, Marine, and Music industries.

Tool Steel Scrap

We acquire Tool Steel scrap and consolidate them into larger orders for processors and mills. Our purchased steel scrap grades include T-1, T-15, M1, M2, and M42.

Zirconium Scrap

We procure Zirconium scrap and amalgamate them into bulk orders for processors and mills. Widely used in Nuclear, Aerospace, Turbine, and Dental industries.

Other Alloys

We specialize in purchasing and recycling High-Speed Steel (HSS), Ferro Alloys, Tantalum, and Cupro Nickel. Contact us now for competitive pricing.