About Us

Our History

IVAN A. CANO  (founder and CEO of IVAN METALS CO ) has been in the metal recycling industry for nearly 30 years. IVAN A. CANO , began by purchasing scrap metal from various manufacturers and machine shops in Southern California working for a big scrap metals co . As a result of his incredible work ethic, solid customer relations, and “off the charts” service record, IVAN A CANO  quickly realized he needed to expand. With a growing clientele and greater demand for his services, IVAN A CANO saw the need to OPEN his business and in 2020 established IVAN METALS CO . Together with a professional staff, IVAN METALS CO , has extended its services to customers throughout the industry and has become one of the major brokers in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals market. Over the past 4 years, IVAN METALLS CO  has developed long-term relationships with a large network of domestic and global markets. Our well-established network of consumers enhances our business ability to provide our clients, both large and small, with continual competitive pricing for all grades and types of scrap metal.

Mission Statement

Our constant goal is to be the best at what we do as we establish long-term relationships in the metal recycling industry.


We strive for perfection so we can deliver excellence.


Our priority is to help establish a unique planned partnership.


The philosophy we maintain is plain and simple, “Great service, competitive pricing, and prompt payment.

We utilize state-of-the-art analyzer technologies to meticulously check and inspect alloys, ensuring their quality and composition meet the highest standards. Through precise analysis, we guarantee the integrity and performance of alloys in various industrial applications


  1. Items are received from the carrier.
  2. A record containing the following information is logged into our data system:
    • Seller
    • Date Received
    • Item Received
    • Incoming Weight of Item Received
  3. The material is then separated, if there are multiple material types, and tested for alloy and quality using various techniques and procedures.
  1. Each distinct material is subsequently weighed and logged into our data system.
  2. Payment is issued to the seller based on the final weight, material tally, and the quoted price for the material(s).
  3. Payment is processed once the final settlement is accepted..


  1. Contact us before sending any materials so that we may provide an accurate Quote and PO Number. No packages will be accepted without the required PO Number.
  2. Packages must be securely packed to prevent shifting of contents during shipping.
  3. The package must include a packing slip with the following details

Shipping Address:

  • Required PO Number
  • Seller’s Complete Contact Information
  • Material Type(s)
  • Incoming Weight of Material(s)

Note: Our terms and conditions are contingent upon the quality, accuracy, and weight of the material. Packing slips with weight, material type(s), and Seller’s contact information are mandatory. In case of discrepancies, sellers will be notified before payment. Photos can be provided upon request.